Danielle France

Danielle holds a doctorate in biological engineering from MIT, and has over 15 years of experience in biophysics and microbiology research. She was a key member of the Applied Research Team at Luca Technologies, a sustainable energy startup backed by ~$80 million in venture capital. As PI for the Microbial Pulse project at NIST, she brought in the first $250K in seed funding from NIST’s Material Measurement Laboratory Angel Investor Competition. She maintains her hands-on expertise in wet labs as well as in data acquisition and analysis in order to drive technology development. As CEO she coordinates all things growing at MPD LLC.

Fred Walls

Fred holds a doctorate in physics from the University of Washington, and has had a long career in analogue electronics, primarily at NIST leading a Phase Noise research group within the Time and Frequency Division. He has over 197 publications and 7 patents resulting from work with NIST and various customers including Naval Research Laboratories, Johns Hopkins University, and Lockheed Martin. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and the American Physical Society. He built the proof-of-concept measurement platform for the Microbial Pulse project at NIST, and continues with hands-on electronic prototype development as MPD CTO.


Ian Babson | Microbiologist

Jenifer Blacklock, PhD | Mechanical Engineer | Colorado School of Mines

Connie Savor Price, MD | Rapid AST Early Technology Advocate | Denver Health CMO & CU Professor of Infectious Disease Medicine

Shelley Kon, MD | Clinical Study Collaborator | Infectious Disease Fellow, CU School of Medicine

Ward Johnson, PhD | Acoustic Physicist | National Institute for Standards and Technology

Tom Bugnitz, MBA | Corporate Strategy Advisor | Manufacturer's Edge, Colorado